A Splendour Remembrance

by Sanctuary

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A Splendour Remembrance mostly tells us about the complaiment and words of laments such as personal life, story and impression from each man of band. it's lyric generally inspired by their true life.


released April 20, 2017

Mixed and mastered by Depthbase Records
All lyrics by Ridwan
Musics by Sanctuary
Album Art by Sambas



all rights reserved


Sanctuary Bandung, Indonesia

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Track Name: Humana Inopia
Our lungs is fill with the essence of lies
Cirling into our heart
And fading when we are lost

The soul is never exist
The thought is never regret

When we choose our own path
We almost forgot to the people
That we've been through with
Its just flowing like the falls

And We have revealed to you, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it. So judge between them it is a people of tyrannical strength, we will never enter it until they leave it

If it start from the beauty life
Sometimes the will be a scars
And someone got their own perception
To feel their heart
Blind yourself and think what happen to us

Each part of my body
Every blood tension that ruins in my veins
And every second that my pulse are beating
I'm so fuckin confused

Our lungs is fill with the essence of lies
Cirling into our heart
And fading when we are lost
The soul is never exist
The thought is never regret
Track Name: Wallflower
As the sky turn to dark
I'm here with the loneliness
Being cursed by the people
Stayed in empty room
Thats what i am

Not like the others
Who want to leave a mark for themselves
And so much glimmering things
That they want

You know its so hard for me to say
To tells the thing's in my mind
Sun wouldn't rise to this world
And the stars will pray to god
To give a blessing to me

Living to be a loner
That's mean something to me
While everyone in here
Is busy with their own life
Creating my own world
And like to being dissapear by the people
That is me thats what i am

I just need to know that people like me is exist
It made me feel not alone
I know this day will be a stories someday
Cause the are people who say all things don't normal
But now these are real life
Can you imagine how tremendous are
Even when they talk shit about you
And you've being such an outcast

There's a moment when you're not a sad story
And you can conquer this world
No matter what they thought about you
And whatever the crowd telling you
You still have your heart
You're alive
You're exist
You are you're own

As the sky turn to dark
I'm here with the loneliness
Being cursed by the people
Stayed in empty room
Thats what i am
(long into this pain
There's blessing for me
Living through the lust
And breaching the emotions)
Track Name: Reincarnation
Counting the days we were
Struggled in the past few years
I still believe in 9/24 here and after

Another sentimental feeling
About the things that i care
But the preacher says
"you have to let yourself budge"

As it seems
to be gone
The concentration being split to another relation
I'm refusing my agony
To feel satisfy to myself

The road may not always clear
Burning down the hope we built
But it doesnt matter
I still believe in 9/24

Routing our way to the sun
That"ll guide the vassal Defensing the faith we trust
Under the vicious circumstances
We're surrender to the contriver

I obsessed to create the space
To dealing with the ego
To dechiper between favour and vile
Between the favour and vile

i found myself in the mountain high
and still confused with the life that i've done
and the rain came over to me
washed away through all the scars
through the deepest pain in mine
a trembling love has leached me
passing all the memories i've got

after all that i've been through
with the substance around my life
i will not give up

these hearts will never be the same
there's always love, and it always growth
i will not give up
Track Name: The Aprodhite's Demenour
Dear lord deep inside the lies
There's something must to be found
It's collapsing with the memories
That i left behind
A phrase of poet
We didn't recognize in anywhere
Wrote by a man
Who cannot admit the faith

It's so fun to recall what i did past time
And how the lust put me into this case
I'm still can't feel it
I'm always can't feel it
Your smile makes me wonder of the lack that you've done

Adore me with the promise you'll broke
In the name of love
In the name of affection
You lie
All this slander has fail me
You're a liar

With everything that i used to loved i still carrying my own mistakes
Yet i know the the truth
Is you're not mine anymore nooo...

I still remember when sun shining bright, and we're kinda like to hang around the playground, playing with the sands that we used to build a castle, and sneaking a garden to find a beetle
We always talking about the future and if we can't hold thismuch longer, this is the scariest conversation that i don't want to discuss, i just want that we keep holding on together, walking through the disturber, and let the time separating us from each other, i just want that things for the rest of my life

But then an intimation comes over to me, its spreading like disease, they blame me for all the things i didn't do, i swear i didn't do that, the tidings have fail my life, it made myself so outcast, feels like i'm carrying weight of the world, that coward never want to confess for what his done, andfor all the things that make my love so broke

Oh god why i'm so desperate
I know i'm not a good man
But at least can you lay me down in your hands
Even if this sadness would never be forgotten

The matter right now
is how we passing this shackles
I keep trying to hold on to this faith
But she's always losing the grip
At the end of my story
I'm talking to myself
is this what commitment called